Meet Carolle

I started college aspiring to be a graphic artist. A semester into my studies, I realized that a greater passion of mine was to design homes, so I switched to the Interior Design curriculum. During a summer internship in 1990 at a showroom in northern Michigan, I was bit by the Kitchen and Bath bug and haven’t looked back! Gardening is something that I turn to as a relaxer. Photography and scrapbooking are passions of mine from way back. I am also a chauffeur of my children to their many sporting events, consuming most of my out-of-the office time. I am a very proud mom.

My Design Philosophy 

I always tell my clients, “If it isn’t fun, it isn’t worth it!” Building a new home, or having your home remodeled, can be a stressful experience so I aim to make the process as enjoyable as possible and try to take the stress out of it. My designs are always a reflection of the homeowner, but if I can slip a bit of my whimsical personality in there someplace….all the better!

What I Like About My Job

I get the most enjoyment out of drawing a new kitchen or bath in perspective view, including homeowners’ personal effects or furniture in the drawing, and blowing them away with how realistic it looks before it’s even built!

My Passion For Starlite 

I honestly love the people here. This company is a family-run business, and every employee is treated as a family member. We laugh together, cry together, we enjoy helping each other with design projects and questions…it’s just a “feel good” place to work for AND do business with! I have to admit the fresh chocolate chip cookies make me feel good too…

Watch my video to see some of my favorite projects!

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